In order to comply with CDC guidelines students will not be permitted to share materials so we are asking that you provide your child with these items and keep them restocked on a daily basis: 

Standard size Clear Backpacks will be permitted this year for students to carry supplies and Chromebook back and forth daily.  If you are unable to find one, we will have some available for $15.00.

  • 3” Notebook Binder

  • Index or Subject Dividers (at least 7 separate dividers)

  • Notebook filler paper

  • Graph Paper 

  • Ruler

  • Standard Function Calculator

  • 7 Composition or Single Subject Spiral Notebooks 

  • Pencils- wood or mechanical

  • Handheld pencil sharpener

  • Erasers (Cap or block style)

  • Pens

  • Highlighters- at least 2 different colors

  • Dry Erase Board (at least the size of a piece of notebook paper)

  • Dry erase Markers and eraser or cloth to erase 

  • Clipboard

  • Ear buds or Headphones for Chromebook use

  • Sticky Post it Notes

  • Pencil Pouch for pencils, pens, erasers, and highlighters

  • Personal size hand sanitizer

  • Personal or travel size tissues

  • Water Bottle (water fountains will not be permitted to drink from, only to refill water bottles)

  • Facial Mask that must be worn before & after school, during transitions including waiting in line in the cafeteria, during collaborative discussion, etc.

  • Please make sure your child’s name is written on the mask We will have some school logo masks available if you would like to purchase one for your child. 

  • Colored Bandanas used as masks will not be allowed per board policy regarding Bandanas in schools

  • Package of Baby/Hand wipes or Lysol Wipes to be collected by their 1st period teacher for classroom hygiene .           

Students taking Physical Education (P.E.) will be required to dress out daily and wear the school colors for class.  Black Gym Shorts with a Red T-shirt.   P.E. uniforms will be available to purchase for $20.00 a set with our school name and logo on them.  Individual pieces are $10.00 each. 

*latex gloves are not required but if you would like for your child to have them please provide them

This is a basic supply list.  Teachers may require additional supplies needed for their specific content or subject.