Back to School Safety Procedures

Razorback Safety: Covid-19 Procedures

The faculty. staff, and students of C.H. Price Middle School will follow CDC guidelines and will use preventative measures to promote the health and safety for all its stakeholders.  The procedures outlined will be implemented throughout the school environment as well as the expectations of all who come on campus.

Before you arrive

To ensure the safety of others, all staff and students are expected to evaluate and assess their health daily. Prior to arriving the school, students will need to take their temperatures and assess their health to identify any symptoms that may exist.  If any of the symptoms below are present, the student MUST stay home. 

· Temperature 100.4 or higher

· Sore throat

· New onset of severe headache

· Loss of taste and/or smell

· Diarrhea, abdominal pain, or vomiting

· New uncontrolled cough that causes difficulty breathing

If a student exhibits any of these symptoms, he/she will be sent to the triage room within the school and parents will be called to pick up the student immediately. 

Precautions at Price:

¨ One-way hallways/breezeways

¨ Water refill stations

¨ Hand sanitizing stations

¨ One-to-one chromebooks

¨ Individual supplies

¨ Social distancing marks on floor

¨ Smaller, staggered lunches

¨ Assigned seating in classrooms and at lunch

¨ Random temperature checks

¨ Scheduled restroom breaks


How to prevent infection:

¨ Wash hands with soap and water

¨ Use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol

¨ Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth, and avoid close contact with sick people

¨ Stay home when sick


 Student Arrival 

Students arrive to school by bus, walking, or they are dropped off by parents.  Parents are not permitted inside the school building.  When dropping the students off, parents must remain in their vehicles. 

Bus Riders:  Students will be dismissed by staff from buses starting at 8:40 AM.  Drivers are to keep students until a staff member releases each individual bus.  Random temperature checks will be conducted.  Students will move in a one way traffic pattern (with masks on) to the gym and MPR (divided for distancing), with staff stationed throughout to keep traffic flowing. 


Parent Drop-off/Walkers:  Parent drop off area/walker entrance is next to the gym in the front parking lot.  Students will be permitted to enter the gym/multi-purpose room (with masks on) starting at 8:40 AM, with random temperature checks being conducted by staff members. 


Once the students are in the gym, or MPR, they will have assigned seating.  Students will then be released in small sections (wearing face masks) to allow for social distancing to go to 1st period, moving about in one way traffic pattern.



Breakfast will take place in the classrooms once students are dismissed from the common areas.  Teachers/Staff will distribute breakfast to students while they are seated. Hand sanitizer will be provided by food service for students to use before eating.  Students may remove their masks while eating.  Teachers will have trash cans readily available to avoid students having to get out of their seats to discard their trash.


Students will be divided into two common areas (Cafeteria and Multipurpose Room) to provide more room for distancing.  Lunches will be staggered to allow for distancing in line and in the hallways while moving about in one way traffic patterns (use of face covering is required).  Each 4th period class will be scheduled in 5 minute increments.  Custodial staff will clean the tables once the students leave.  All students will have assigned seating and may remove the mask to eat but will be required to use the face covering once they are done eating.  Teachers will drop off and pick up students from their locations.


Parent Conferences: In person conferences are not recommended at this time.  If you need to speak to a teacher, please call the school or email the teacher.  If you would like to schedule a virtual conference, or a phone conference with all of your child’s teachers, please call and speak to Ms. Redmond to make arrangements.

Student Check-out:  When checking your child out of school, please call the school ahead of time so we can call for the student.  Upon arrival, please call the school and let us know you are there and remain in your car, a staff member will come out to obtain your information and release the student.  Due to this process and the parent pick-up lines, students can not be checked out after 3:30pm each day.


Restrooms will be closed during transitions. 

Students will move about the campus in a one way traffic pattern, face masks are required.  Staff will be stationed throughout the campus to ensure traffic flows freely and to provide supervision.

In The Classrooms:

Each classroom, or area, will have cleaning cloths and cleaning agent to clean commonly used surfaces between classes.  While students are at lunch, the  COVID custodian will go to the unoccupied classroom and disinfect the areas, allowing it ample drying time on the surfaces.  This process will also be repeated at the end of the school day or at the beginning before students report to class.


Students will have assigned seating and their own supplies to minimize movement within the classroom.  Partitions will also be in place at each table and students will wear their masks when it is not possible for them to be six feet apart.


Students will be released for the buses by bus (driver’s name and bus number) as they arrive.  Walkers/Parent pick-up will be released before buses and escorted to PPU area. 

Due to the lengthy process of checking out students, students will not be permitted to be checked out after 3:30pm.  

After School Sports/Activities

Middle School administrators have decided to postpone extra-curricular sports programs until late October.  Activities/Sports will be addressed at that time to determine the best course of  action for participation and crowds based on the latest CDC recommendations.