Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a dress code at Price Middle School?

Yes. We adhere to the Putnam County School Board dress code policy. For more information, please visit our Dress Code Page.


Is there a school resource officer on the campus?

Yes, we have a full time Putnam County Sheriff's deputy on duty during school hours.


What is the school policy regarding students on doctor prescribed medications?

Students are not allowed to have any form of over the counter or prescribed medications in their possession. If your child requires medication during the day, the parent or guardian needs to come to the front office to fill out required forms and personally give the school the medication.


Will my child be required to dress out in the physical education classes?

Yes. Students in physical education classes are graded on both participation and dressing out.


Whom do I call to schedule a conference with one or more of my child's teachers?

Please call the main office number (386-684-2113) and the receptionist will be glad to schedule a conference with any teacher. Please make an attempt to give the teacher at least 24 hours notice, however if your schedule will not permit this we will try to make every effort to get you a conference time that will be convenient. The best time for conferences is from 2:15 pm to 3:00 pm. Monday through Thursdays.


How do I become a volunteer at C. H. Price?

Stop by our front office and we will be glad to sign you up as a volunteer. We are always looking for volunteers to help in the classrooms and around campus.